To train, grade and take part in competitions you must always have an up to date licence.  To get your licence you will need to download the form below complete this and bring it with you to a training session and give it to your club instructor.  Following this, you will be provided with a licence and grading record which you will use to keep a track on your training progress.

The ABWK Licence Form can be found here.

If you are having trouble with your licence form click here to visit the help page.


Here we provide a list of many of the Japanese words and phrases used in the dojo while training.

Japanese Words


To improve your Karate you can’t beat getting to a training session and listening to your instructor and the other karateka in the dojo. Practising at home or where ever you get the chance also helps.  To further enhance you knowledge and technique with karate you can read a number of quality books.  We have listed a few of the books that have been read and are used by our members on a regular basis.



Once you have been training a few times and are enjoying karate you will need to be dressed in the correct uniform wearing a Gi and Obi.  The club can give you advice and we also sell these at a great price which makes it easy for you to enjoy your karate.  We also have a number of great additional ABWK items including jackets and t-shirts which you will notice out members wearing at training and grading sessions.

Jacket And T-Shirt Form

Other Documents

All Britain Wadokai Constitution

Child Protection Policy


JKF Wadokai

Manchester JKF Wadokai

Swedish Wadokai

Swiss Wadokai Karatedo Renmei

Keady JKF Wadokai

Canada JKF Wadokai

China Wadokai

New Zealand Wadokai

Tokai Wadokai

Hartlepool Wadokai

Aiwakai Karate-Do Federation