Licence Form Help

If you are having trouble filling out our licence form you are in the right place. For the most part the form is pretty straight forward, but there are a few points that people struggle with. Here we will explain each bit.

Name – The name of the person applying for the licence (you or your child)

Date of Birth/ Age – The date of birth and age of the applicant

Address/ Telephone/ Email – Contact information

Club/Group – The club that the student mainly trains at.

The list of clubs is

  • Carlisle Wadokai
  • Cumbria Wadokai
  • Hansei Wadokai

Teesside Wadokai has a number of different clubs, these are:

  • Bannatynes
  • David Lloyds
  • Kaizen
  • Macmillan

Grade – This is your current grade at the time of application. The date taken is shown in the Grading Record inside the licence book.

This can be:

9th Kyu – Red belt

8th Kyu – Yellow belt

7th Kyu – Orange belt

6th Kyu – Green belt

5th Kyu – Blue belt

4th Kyu – Purple belt

3rd Kyu – Brown belt (1 tag)

2nd Kyu – Brown belt (2 tags)

1st Kyu – Brown belt (3 tags)

1st/2nd/3rd etc Dan – Black belt

Licence number – This is displayed on the receipt you receive inside your licence book. The slip also displays the renewal date.