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Wadokai Karate Lessons

All Britain Wadokai is a not for profit organisation made up of Wado groups and clubs from around the United Kingdom and specialise in Wadokai Karate Lessons.

We follow the technical standard taught by the JKF Wadokai in Japan. Many of the technical committee regularly attend seminars in Japan with the JKF Masters and strive to pass this knowledge on to their students.

For many years we were taught by Shingo Ohgami Sensei 8th Dan JKF Wadokai, Head of Swedish Wadokai.

Many club instructors and students attended his training camps in Sweden each year.

ABWK groups and clubs are encouraged to take out direct branch membership with JKF Wadokai Japan. 

All senior instructors hold JKF Wadokai Dan grades.

We regularly host seminars within the UK with visiting Japanese Sensei.

Instructors and students travel each year to Europe and Japan to train with JKF Wadokai Sensei.

Wado clubs wishing to join can contact the General Secretary for further information.


At ABWK we have a number of clubs all of which welcome new members.  Each club has high quality instructors who have years of experience at Karate and make training sessions productive and enjoyable for Karateka at all levels.

ABWK Resources

At ABWK we can provide you with a Gi and Obi when you need them for your karate lessons.

Please have a look at our Resources page to find a licence application form, books and other ABWK clothing.


If you have any questions about any of our clubs, feel free to get in touch. All of our instructors are very approachable and are happy to answer any questions you may have.