Don’t forget that this coming weekend is our Autumn Course. All students are encouraged to take part as it will be a great opportunity to meet with other karateka from across the association and learn from the technical committee. Full details are as follows:

The course takes place at the Acorn Centre, Acklam, Middlesbrough, TS5 8QB

There is no formal grading on this course. Kyu grade students (below 1st Kyu) will be awarded their next grade on completion of BOTH days training and the kata competition.

Course fees – £25 for both days training, £15 for one day.

Saturday 26th November

Registration opens at 1pm

Training from 1:30pm until approximately 5:00pm.

Sunday 27th November

Registration opens at 9:30am

Training from 10:00am until approximately 12:00pm. Followed by a lunch break and the junior competition.