High quality ABWK club t-shirt

Only £10

High Quality

Sports material

Available from club instructors


ABWK Training Jackets

Look the part in our ABWK jackets

Available from instructors

Seniors £25 – sizes 34″-36″, 38″-40″, 42″-44″, 46″-48″, 50″-52″

Juniors £20 – sizes 28″, 30″, 32″

Name embroidery available extra fee, students responsibility to arrange this


Blitz Training Gi

High quality

Japanese cut gis also available, arrange with instructors

Available in all sizes

Available from club instructors

ABWK Gi Badges

Only available to students

Only £5 per badge

Available from club instructors

If you would like an ABWK Jacket or T-shirt, please complete the form and make sure you specify the size you require.

Sizes and prices are shown above.

ABWK Clothing Request